What you see in your personal feed is a reflection of your participation online.

It’s apparent that the struggles that existed in our past are still relevant today, and these struggles have affected me throughout my life. My father was a refugee. He left China for Hong Kong during the Cultural Revolution; and I am a Canadian immigrant from Hong Kong. I am thankful for the life I have and it saddens and frustrates me to think of all the issues that we’re still struggling with in our global community. So, I decided to write this quick blurb today to offer some insight on changing the narrative one personal social media feed at a time.

I see many people who are exhausted and overwhelmed by the cultivated hate and ignorance of others that flood their social media feeds. Fortunately, there are a few things that we can do to change that.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most technologically savvy person, or an expert on algorithms, but I do understand a few things about social media that has allowed me to fill my personal feeds with positive and change-oriented messages. These are some of the things I do every time I sign on to my personal Facebook or Twitter account.

1.    Don’t click.

Ignore the negative. This is not to say that you should ignore other opinions or bad things that are happening in the world, but many “news” sources use deceiving headlines that’s sole purpose is to drive clicks to their website for page views.

You should be informed, so find reputable and objective news sources. You can see the website link at the bottom of the post, so if you don’t recognize it – don’t click it (unless it’s shared by someone you trust). Ask yourself: does this post make fun of, heckle, slander, or bash someone? Or maybe it just kind of seems like it’s yelling a message? Ignore that.

2.    Hide, mute or unfollow posts.

Do you have a friend that complains on Facebook or Twitter all the time without offering any solutions? Or does a certain news source or organization always pop up with one-sided or empty content? You have the option to “mute” these accounts. Click on the post or the account and unfollow them.

3.    Click, Like and/or Share what you want to see.

The more you participate in posts with the messages that you want to see, the more they’ll begin to show up on your feed. Be conscious of the content you’re engaging with. It’s easy to only participate with the posts that share your reality or worldview. It’s important to create a complete picture; and it’s possible to do so in a positive way.

I make a conscious decision to participate with content that is informative and relevant to my industry, but also posts that are thoughtful, positive, and change-oriented.

What you see in your personal feed is what you have chosen to create for yourself, and it’s a reflection of your participation online.

Social media has created an infinite number of subcultures online. Take a look at what’s showing up and if you don’t like what you see – do something about it! 

Published: January 2017
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