"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction...plus a social media overreaction."

Having spent hours trying to create the “perfect posts," I've realized that sometimes it's a small miracle just to have someone, anyone, see it. Trust me, I understand the heartbreak when no one "likes" the super awesome content you've created. 

In an effort to relieve some of that heartache, I'm sharing with you 5 things I've learned about social media so far: 

1. It takes a lot of time and patience.

As if posting on a consistent basis isn’t time consuming enough, you’ll also need to spend time finding relevant and interesting third party content, creating original content, monitoring analytics, and listening and responding to customers. Oh, and to make it all just a little more frustrating, you might not see any real results until the first few months of work.

2. Not everyone should be doing it.

Using social media for your business means that it will have a voice online, and the person who’s managing your social media is representing your business. Make sure whoever is in charge of your social media understands your business brand and goals. Having writing and customer service skills are essential for posting.

3. You probably won’t go viral.

Unfortunately for those who are hoping to “go viral” with their business on social media, it’s likely not going to happen.  And if it does, it's not necessarily the best thing for your business anyways. If you want a boost in getting in front of your customers fast, then you’ll have to pay for it. Having said that, constantly paying for online ads to attract views is just putting a bandaid over a bigger problem.

4. People lie.

We all know this one. It's an important one to keep in mind, though, when you're spending so much time looking for content because it's easy to get caught up in believing unrealistic promises and other junk that's not related to your business or your customers. Make sure you follow and build reliable lists of Influencers, resources, and connections. 

5. It’s a lot of work.

If you’re planning to use social media as a tool to build your brand and generate leads, then be prepared for a lot of planning. “Content is king” couldn’t be more relevant in social media marketing. Original, quality content is what will make your online presence grow and make you a trusted, reliable expert in your field.

In short, social media is a real commitment, but the rewards in the long-run are worth it. It’s constantly changing - just like your business. It’s where your customers are, it’s where they’re talking about you, and where you can talk with them.

Thanks for reading my first blog post! I’m surprised you found it.   ♥

Published: Sept 2016
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